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Fogat (फोगाट) Phogat (फोगाट)[1] Fogat (फोगत)/ Phogat (फोगत)[2] Faugat (फौगाट)[3] Phaugat (फौगाट) Fageria (फगेडिया)[4] Fagernya (फगेडन्या)[5] Fagonracha (फगोंडचा) Faug (फौग)[6] Phoghat (फोघट)[7] Fagoria (फगोडिया)Phageria(फगेडिया)/Phagernya (फगेडन्या)/Phagonracha (फगोंडचा)[8] is gotra of Jats found in Haryana, Rajasthan[9] and Uttar Pradesh and in Pakistan. Phog (फोग) clan is found in Afghanistan.[10]


It gets name from the village named Fogat (फोगाट) founded by Wilhan (विल्हण). The organization of Faur (फौर) gotra was called Faurgath (फौरगाथ) which in due time became Faugat. [11] Baba Swami Dayal was the first purohit who founded this gotra in 1179. His samadhi is there in Charkhi Dadri where fair is organized twice a year. The main fair is on Janmashtami.


Ram Swarup Joon[12] writes that Phogat people call themselves descendants of the Chauhans. Jharhu Sardar was their famous leader. In Dadri region they have 45 villages. They have a few villages in district Rohtak also.

Prithviraj Chauhan was the last Hindu king of Delhi. He ruled from 1172 to 1192. During 1178 about 17 people of Prithviraj's vans developed differences with him and left his state and moved to different places. One of such person was Bilhan who was settled in village Sanwar near Charkhi Dadri in Haryana. He went to Dharanand Pawar who was the Zamindar of that area. Bilhan was a brave man and Dharanand wanted to marry his daughter to him. Bilhan agreed to this proposal. Myth is that after Bilhan's marriage the newly married coupled went to the land gifted to them by the Zamindar. They constructed hut made of local bush called "Phog". The purohit went to see them and found them behind "Phog" and gave them the gotra Phogat meaning behind Phog. The descendants of Bilhan are called Phogat. They hold in great reverence the guardian deity and founder, known as "Bhuiyan".

In Jind we find the Phogat with a tribal Sidh and also a Bhumia in every village. [13]

Villages founded by Phogat clan

Phogat Khap

In the fourth generation of Bilhan was born Kanaya. Kanaya had two wives and four sons, namely-Hansa, Singha, Lagha and Rara. The four sons founded four panas (sector) in their names. These were Hansana, Singhana, Laghana and Rarana around Charkhi Dadri. This way 12 villages of Phogats developed around Charkhi Dadri. Later 7 more villages were inhabited on that land and total 19 villages formed a Khap of Phogats. Their head village is Dadri. Main villages in districts mentioned are: Hisar district - Harita (हरिता), Rohtak district - Bhalaut (भालौठ), Rithal (रिठाल), Samchana (समचाना), and Naya Gaon; Sonipat district - Kiradi (किराडी) , Kilana (किलाना);

In Bulandshahr district, UP - Dhamaida (धमैडा), Jasnawali (जसनावली), and Kudaina (कुदैना). [14]

Genealogy of Phogat clan

Following Genealogy of Phogat clan has been made available by Virendra Singh Phogat (Mob: 9891474827, Email:<>) based on the records of the Bhat of Garh Ganga (Shri Yogesh, Mob:08930138710 Bhat of both Tokas & Phogat clans)

Chandravanshi Agnikula Phogat Gotra:

Devaraja Indra → Sharindra → Mahendra → Jitendra → Sri Gupta (240-280 AD) → Ghatotkacha I (280-319 AD) → Chandragupta I (Originator of Gupta Era which begins on 26 January 320 AD) → Samudragupta (335-375 AD) → Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II, Main capital at Pataliputra, capitals also at Ujjain and Dharanagari) → Kumaragupta (415-436 AD) → Skandagupta (455-467 AD) (The last Samrata of this vansha) →

Chitrangada (Founded Chittor) → Kunwardeo → Shyamdeo → Tarandeo → Keshdhwaj → Shyamdhwaj → Mayadhwaj → Dharmdhwaj → Karmdhwaj → Deopal → Mahipal → Karmjit Pal → Govind Pal → Dharm Pal → Shyam Bhoj → Santhal + Munj (974-995 AD)

SanthalRaja Bhoj (Pawar who founded Bhojpur Lake or Bhopal Tal) → Raja UdayadityaJagdeo Panwar → Jag Dhaul → Uday Singh → Dharm Singh → Fateh Singh Phogat (Founder of Phogat clan) → Lakhman → Dadraj Phogat (Founded Dadri in 1055 AD) → Shobha Chand → Raghudas → Suve Ram → Roop Ram → Nand Lal → Moti Ram → Sau Ram → 1. Rati Ram (Settled in Kalina, Bulandshahr), 2. Dhani Ram 3. Kripa Ram

Kripa Ram → Dandu → Sahi Ram → Ram Karan → Hari Singh → Ch. Devi Singh Phogat (Founded Humayunpur village in 1683 AD) → {Har Sahay (No progeny)} + Mauji Ram → 1. Ram Sukh + 2. Har Sukh

Ram Sukh had sons 1. Umar Singh, 2. Hans Raj, 3. Harnam

Har Sukh had sons 1. Khusi Ram, 2. Gulab Singh, 3. Naniya, 4. Bhagmal

Further genealogy may be seen from the following tables:

Phogat Bhat

  • Phogat: Bhat - From Garh Ganga, Shri Yogesh, Mob:08930138710 Bhat of both Tokas & Phogat clans

Genealogical tables of Phogats of Humayunpur

Distribution in Delhi

Humayun Pur,

Distribution in Haryana

Villages in Bhiwani district

Balkara, Biran, Charkhi Dadri, Dhani Mahu, Dhani Phogat, Gothra Bhiwani, Hansana, Kamod, Laghana, Loharwara, Mai Khurd, Makadana, Makrani, Mori Bhiwani, Patuwas, Rarana, Rawaldhi, Samaspur, Sanjarwas Phogat, Singhana, Tikaan,

Villages in Hisar district


Villages in Rohtak district

Bhalaut, Naya Gaon (Jato Wala), Rithal,

Villages in Sirsa district

Chaharwala, Phulkan,

Villages in Sonipat district


Distribution in Rajasthan

Village in Alwar district

Bighana Jat, Kheri,

Villages in Jhunjhunu district

Khidarsar, Posani,

Villages in Churu district

Ghanghu, Lambor Bari, Sardarshahar, Sujangarh (2),

Villages in Nagaur district

Bhojpura Khurd, Chudiyan, Daudsar, Silanwad,

Villages in Sikar district

Balod, Bhadadar, Bhadwasi Sikar, Bhairoopura (15), Bhawasi, Bhuma Chhota, Chachiwad Bara, Dalmas, Dalmas Ki Dhani, Dhandhan (8), Dhani Fagerian, Dinarpura Sikar (1), Fagalwa, Fageria Ki Dhani, Ghana Sikar, Hafas, Kandlau, Katrathal, Kolida, Kudan, Kurli, Manasi, Paladi, Rampura, Ramsinghpura, Rupgarh, Shivsinghpura, Sikar, Thorasi,

Villages in Tonk district


Villages in Hanumangarh district

Budher, Dhaban, Bhangwa (10) (Bhadra Tehsil), Gandheli, Hanumangarh,

Locations in Jaipur city

Ganesh Colony (Khatipura), Harmara, Maharani Farm, Murlipura Scheme, Queens Road, Vaishali Nagar,

Villages in Jaipur district

Bhogpura, Kapriyawas Khurd, Paota,

Villages in Pali district


Distribution in Madhya Pradesh


Distribution in Pakistan

Phogat - The Phogat were another Mulla Jat clan. Muslim Phogat were found in Sonepat and Rohtak. They are now found mainly in Okara, Vehari and Kasur districts.

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Notable persons

  • Sant Jamnadas - फौगाट जाटों के प्रसिद्ध सन्त जमनादास भालौठ गांव के निवासी थे। आपने 40 वर्ष केवल गोदुग्ध पर जीवन बिताकर जनता को अपने सदुपदेशों से लाभ पहुंचाया। महात्मा जमनादास का स्वर्गवास वि० संवत् 1953 (सन् 1896) में हो गया।[15]
  • Late Subedar Chuna Ram Fageria - The first winner of Mahavir Chakra in 1948 in Indo-Pak war.[16]
  • Dr. Silak Ram Phogat - A reputed Archaeologist
  • Geeta Phaugat - wrestler from village Balali, district Bhiwani in Haryana.
  • Vinesh Phogat - wrestler from village Balali, district Bhiwani in Haryana.
  • Babita Phogat - wrestler from village Balali, district Bhiwani in Haryana.
  • Late Subedar Het Ram Phogat - from village Shamaspur (Bhiwani). Fought in the First World War (1914-1919) and retired in 1920.,
  • Late Subedar Sheo Lal Phogat - from village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani),
  • Late Ch. Ran Singh Phogat - Chairman, a political leader of Dadri area, from village Shamaspur (Bhiwani). Chairman of the Charkhi Dadri block for 2 terms - 1966-1976.,
  • Ch. Amar Singh - Chairman, an octogenarian political leader of Dadri area, from village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani),
  • Dr. Ishwar Singh - is leading Eye Surgeon of Rohtak, From village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani),
  • Ch. Phool Singh - DSP (Retd), from village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani)
  • Dr. AC Chowdhary - former Director Health Services, from village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani),
  • Kamla Chowdhary IAS (Retd.) - Wife of Dr. AC Chowdhary,from village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani),
  • Tejveer Singh IAS - son of Dr. AC Chowdhary, from village Dhani Phogat (Bhiwani),
  • Justice Jaswant Singh - Judge Punjab & Haryana High Court, from village Rithal (Rohtak)
  • Late Rai Bahadur Lal Chand - former Diwan and leading political figure of early 20th century from village Bhalaut (Rohtak)
  • Late Capt. Raghvendra Singh - son of Rai Bahadur Lal Chand and founder of DLF Empire
  • Late Kunwar Shamsher Singh - son of Rai Bahadur Lal Chand and former IGP of Punjab
  • Dr. Mahendra Singh - leading eye specialist, from village Rithal (Rohtak)
  • Master Hukam Singh - former Chief Minister of Haryana, from Charkhi Dadri
  • Dr. Harpreet Singh - Professor of Medicine in PGI (Rohtak)
  • Dr. OP Phogat - former DMS of PGI (Rohtak)
  • Shri. Ramswaroop Fageria from gandheli, chaharwala
  • Mr. Suresh Fageria Gandheli, chaharwala, Hisar, melbourne
  • Subedar Pratap Singh Phaugat " village- Sanjarwas-Phaugat"
  • Shri Jagjit Singh Phaugat- Retd. XEN Irrigation Dept. Haryana"village- Sanjarwas Phaugat"
  • Shri Neeraj Chaudhary- Sr.Engineer - USA-"village- Sanjarwas Phaugat"
  • Net Ram Singh (Fagot) - Retd RAS
  • Smt.Naanhidevi Phoughat - Freedom fighter
  • CH.Hari Ram Foughat - Freedom fighter
  • Surendra Chaudhary (Fageria) - IAS (2010) from Tamkor village in Jhunjhunu tahsil in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.
  • Ankit Fageria - Meritorious student. Kendriy Madhyamik Shiksha Board 10th class - 2010, Merit list, from Central School Churu, Grade 9.6
  • CH.Diwan Singh Fogat-Social Worker-Village-Biran
  • CH.Sumer Singh Fogat- Advocate, Village: Biran.
  • Dr.Madan Singh Fageria - Child Specialist at Sikar, Rajasthan.
  • Ch. Hoshiar Singh Phogat -
  • Pokhar Mal Fageria - RAS (R) M-9587777213, 9413384988, Address: B-3, Ganga Sagar Colony, Nr Vaishalinagar Police Station, Jaipur
  • Rajesh Phogat: HPS 2010, ACP Crime Faridabad, From Sonipat, M: 9729770000
  • Shweta Phagedia: RAS 2001 batch, Dy Director, Women & Child Development Dept. Udaipur, From Churu, M: 9414345115
  • Ritu Phogat: Bronze Medal, Asian Wrestling Championship 2017
  • Jyoti Phogat: Bronze Medal, Asian Wrestling Championship 2017

Gallery of Phogat people


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