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(Dhandha, Dhande, Dhandhe)

Location  : Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra

Country  : India

Vansh : Chandravanshi

Languages : Rajasthani, Punjabi, Haryanvi

Religion  : Hinduism

Dhanda (धान्दा/ धांडा) Dhanda (ढांडा)[1][2] [3] Dhandha (धांधा) Dhandha (धान्धा) Dhande (धन्धे)/Dhandhe (धन्धे)[4][5] Gotra Jats are found in Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. [6] It is one Of Hindu And Sikh Jat Gotras. Dhandhe are in Uttar Pradesh. [7]


According to one author, they have descended from Dandaki (दण्डकी) of the Mahabharata period.[8]


Dhanda jat are one of the ancient jats. They exists from Mahabharata period and they belongs to chandervanshi branch.Another fact is that Dhanda,Malhan,Mawaliya all are same gotra .Regarding this a panchayat was held 70 years ago in which most of villages in haryana agreed to use Dhanda as their last name .In rajasthan they uses Mawaliya as their last name.

Bhim Singh Dahiya mentions that a couple of Jat tribes are also mentioned in Kasika. While mentioning the six members constituting the Trigarta confederacy, the Kasika identifies two tribes as Kaundoparatha and Dandaki. Their modern descendants are still called by these names and they are the Kundu and Dhanda Jats in India.[9]

There is an ancient tribe mentioned in Shalya Parva, Mahabharata/Book IX Chapter 44 as Dandavahu. [10]

Garcha, Sirhe, Nain, Chandarh, Dhanda, Kandhole and Khosa Jatts are close kins who are thought to come from Turkistan (Scythian empire) in early history.

तारिम (सीता) नदी के तट पर

कुन्दा-कुण्डू - इस वंश का राज्य तारिम (सीता) नदी के तट पर था। इनके नाम पर पामीर पठार पर कुण्डू नगर है। इनके निकट डांढा (ढांडा) जाट भी थे।[11]

Villages founded by Dhandha clan

Distribution in Punjab

Villages in Gurdaspur district

Dhanda named Villages are is in Batala tahsil in Gurdaspur district in Punjab.

Villages in Jalandhar district

Villages in Ludhiana district


Distribution in Haryana

Villages in karnal district


Villages in Bhiwani district


Villages in Charkhi dadri district


Villages in Kurukshetra district

Kharindwa, Sarsa,Bhaisi majra Machhrauli

Villages in Jind district

Badanpur, Brah Kalan, Dhanauri, Dhanda Kheri, Gatauli, Sangatpura, Sunderpur,

Villages in Panipat district

Kawi, Gawalra,Khalila phaladpur

Villages in Yamunanagar district

Bhagwangarh, Kandroli,Ambli,Sudhail,Sudhul

Villages in Kaithal district

Khedi Sandal, Kithana, Kultaran,

Villages in Hisar district

Budana, Hasangarh, Hisar, Litani, Mirchpur, Muklan, Neoli Kalan, Parbhuwala, Sandlana, mirzapur, Kanwari, devsar

Distribution in Rajasthan

Villages in Tonk district

Dhandha (धान्धा) Jats live in villages: Awda (10), Doria (1), Keria (16), Lamba Harisingh (1),

Villages in Jaipur district

Dhandha (धान्धा) Jats live in villages: Devnagar Ladana (3), Dhandha ki Dhani (3), Kishorpura (1), Ladana Phagi (10), Renwal (5), Sali (साली),

Villages in Ajmer district

Sursura (8),

Notable persons

Dhanda a village name

Dhanda is a village in Bali Tahsil of Pali district in Rajasthan.

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