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Konkan (कोंकण) Kekan (केकन)/Kikan (किकन)[1] is a Gotra of Jats.[2]


It derives name from Konkan province mentioned in Mahabharata. [3]


Ram Swarup Joon[4] writes that The Balhara (Balahara) gotra is found among the Sikh, Muslim and Hindu Jats. In 900 A. D. a King of this gotra was a powerful ruler in the Western Punjab. He has been greatly praised by historian Sulaiman Nadwi, who came to India as a trader. According to him this ruler was one of the four big rulers of world at the time (857 A.D.). He was a friend of the Arabs and his army had a large number of elephants and camels. His country was called Kokan (Kaikan) 'near river Herat. The boundaries of this Kingdom extended from China to the Sea and his neighbors were the Takshak and Gujar kings. Their capital was Mankir.

Rajatarangini[5] mentions the victory of Kashmira king Lalitaditya over Konkana kingdom. ....Karnāta submitted on his approach. A beautiful Karnāti lady named Ratti who ruled supreme in the south, her territories extending

[p.69]: as far as the Vindhya hills, also submitted to him. The army then rested on the banks of the Kaveri beneath the palm trees, drinking the water of coconuts. Thence he marched to Chandanadri. And then the king crossed the sea passing from one Island to another ; and thence marched towards the west, the sea singing the songs of his victory. He then attacked the seven Kramuka and the seven Kongkana which suffered much thereby. His army was anxious to enter Dvaraka situated on the Western Sea. The army then crossed the Vindhya hills and entered Avanti where there was an image of Shiva named Mahakala.

In Mahabharata

The Mahabharata Tribe - Konkana (कॊङ्कण) Mentioned in 'geography' (VI.10.58), a southern tribe, which did not fight in the war.

कर्णिकाः कुन्तिकाश चैव सौब्धिथा नलकालकाः
कौकुट्टकास तदा चॊलाः कॊङ्कणा मालवाणकाः (VI.10.58)
The Mahabharata Tribe - Konkana (कॊङ्कण) may be identified with Jat Gotra - Konkan (कोंकण) [6]



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