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This is a partial list of Jat Rulers and Jat Warriors in India or abroad. You may expand this list further.

Mixed list of Jat Rajas

  • Liaka Kusulaka (1st c.BCE) was an Indo-Scythian satrap of the area of Chukhsa in the northwestern South Asia during the 1st century BCE. Liaka Kusulaka is mentioned in the Taxila copper plate (British Museum).

  • Udayana (उदयन) was the ruler of Vatsa in the 6th-5th century BCE, the time of the Buddha.
  • Virasena (वीरसेन) (Kot) was a minister for peace and war under Chandragupta I (320 - 335 AD). Virasena (वीरसेन) was a King mentioned in Mahabharata (XIII.115.69).

Jat Ranis

Main article: Jat Ranis


Patiala State of Sidhus

Following is the list of Maharajas of Patiala in order of their accession to the throne:

  • Maharaja Sahib Singh (b.1774-d.26 March 1813) - succeeded Maharaja Amar Singh in the erstwhile Patiala State.

Nabha State of Barars

Faridkot State of Barars



Jind State of Barars

Kaithal State of Bidars

Ballabhgarh State of Tewatiyas


Bharatpur state of Sinsinwars

Rulers of Bharatpur were from Sinsinwar Jat clan. Chronology of Bharatpur rulers is as under:

Dholpur state of Bamraulias

Uttar Pradesh

Mursan Thenua rulers

Hathras Thenua rulers

Jatoi Thenua rulers

Beswa Thenua rulers

Kuchesar state of Dalals

The chronology of Kuchesar Jat rulers is as under:

Bijnor state of Khove Mauryas

The chronology of Khove Maurya Jat rulers is as under:

Jammu and Kashmir

Madhya Pradesh

Narsinghpur state of Khirwars

Gohad state of Bamraulias

Singhandev was the first Jat ruler of Gohad state. As per their bard[1], and The chronology of Jat Ranas of Gohad as per their genealogy [2] has 17 names including above:

Magrora state











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